Based on the quality

Sähkö-Jokinen’s product range includes high-quality concrete bases for all metal poles and posts. 

  • Adjustable screws mounted

    Bases with adjustable screw mountings are well suited for finished and durable installations, from road lights to traffic lights and signs. The materials are weatherproof.

    >SJ bases
    >SJ-TER bases
    >SJR bases
    >SJP bases
  • Wedge mounted

    Wedge-mounted bases for mounting lights in yards or streetlights. The poles are mounted on conical bases with rubber wedges. Also suitable for car heater poles.

    >PERUS bases
  • Flange mounted

    High-quality concrete bases for flange-mounted masts and portals. Bolt sizes and locations are determined by the size of the standard flange. If necessary, slab bases can also be used.

    >SJL bases
  • Other products

    Stainless metal protectors for the top parts of broken bases. Mounting with grouting concrete.

    >Repair kit