Over 1000 collisions – no serious personal injuries

1000 collisions – no serious personal injuries Safety is based on our innovative and patented structure. When a vehicle hits a pole, the blocks of the pole rip apart from each other, and the vehicle stops in a controlled manner.


  • Flexible light poles

    The KAPU®-HE light pole absorbs a significant amount of the impact. The pole protects both travelers and other road users.

    >Check out KAPU®-HE poles.
  • Frangible light poles

    KAPU®-NE light poles do not absorb impact energy. See how the new poles avoid absorbing energy and severely damaging the vehicle.

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  • Rigid conical poles

    coming soon

    >Check out SJK poles.
  • Traffic light poles

    Impact-safe traffic light poles create additional safety for car drivers and pedestrians.

    >Traffic light poles