Lifting devices

Concrete pole base lifting device WLL 700kg 
Electrical number 6451100 

Sähkö-Jokinen has designed a concrete pole base lifter to make installation and relocation of pole bases easier. The device is a trusted tool when, for example, a pole base is installed in a trench, needs to be loaded or unloaded from a truck, or relocated. 

The lifting device can be used to raise Sähkö-Jokinen’s recessed-mounted bases with an inner hole diameter of Ø 140-260 mm. The base must not weigh more than 700 kilograms. Lifting takes place from the inner hole of the base, resulting in no scratches on the outer surface. The lifter is CE-certified and an entirely Finnish product. The weight of the device is 17 kg. 

Reliable engineering 

The lifter has been designed to add safety and stability to pole base lifting and moving. A straight-standing pole base can be lowered accurately, even into a narrow trench, so that its edges don’t crumble inward. 

Traditionally a chain, rope or cable has been used to lift pole bases. The common issue of the base skewing at an angle during lifting has been solved with our new lifting aid. 

Instructions for use 

The lifter can be hung from the lifting arm of an excavator, a Hiab, or other hoisting equipment. 

The lifter’s grip is lowered into the liftable base and locking lever released. 

During lifting, the base will remain upright and can be lowered accurately into the bottom of the trench. An automatic release will disconnect the lifter. 

Further instructions for use, inspection and maintenance are included with delivery. 

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