SJR bases

A base with adjusting screws for metal poles, masts, traffic lights and traffic signs

The cone-shapes concrete base is equipped with a stainless steel adjusting/set screw mechanism. The delivery includes a weatherproof rubber protector that prevents water and rocks from getting inside the base. The diameter of the plastic cable entry in the pole base is 110 mm.

The high-quality pole bases meet the new, general quality requirements set by the Finnish Transport Agency. The product is durable and easy to install. Our new automated production line and efficient production methods ensure consistency and accuracy.

One of our innovations is a plastic cable entry (Ø 110 mm) which allows connecting an underground cable directly to the pole base without any intermediary parts. This ensures a fast and efficient feed through of cables.

  • Steel B500 and A500HW
  • Concrete K40 XF3 and all alloying elements CE-certified.
  • FI Certification
  • All SJR bases found on this page are equipped with a plastic cable entry.
  • SECOND STAGE CONCRETE: The mast is adjusted with adjusting screws upon installation. The mast is attached to the base by filling the hole with fresh concrete. No rubber protector.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to the technical specifications.

Technical information

SJR bases with plate

Electrical number Type Pole diameter (mm) Pole height (m) h mm ± 20 d 1 mm d 2 mm u mm ± 10 u 1 mm b 1 mm b 2 mm ± 2 b 3 mm ± 2 Cable entry Adjusting screws Weight kg Plate size length x width x height (mm) Rubber protector
4607689 SJR-6B 260-360 16-20 1800 laatta 600 950 190 240 365 390 on* 8xM16 3000 1750x1750x250 Jälkivalu
* Muovinen

We reserve the right to make technical changes.