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Ville Nieminen, 

Smart poles

Ever-evolving technology is shaping the urban environment, now and in the future. The new functions and services enabled by smart devices – which communicate with each other – make the surrounding environment and people’s lives easier and safer.

Sähkö-Jokinen’s Modupole smart poles are part of this development. Modupole provides a platform that adapts to the needs of the user and the environment, works seamlessly with solutions from different manufacturers, enables functional and smart infrastructure, and is ready for the future.

Modularity enables equipment versatility

A special feature of Modupole is its modular structure, which consists of both standard modules and customisable elements.

This structure is ideally suited for a versatile range of equipment, which can flexibly adapt to both current and future needs. Interchangeable modules will extend the life of the pole and allow for a cost-effective solution.

A smart pole is limited only by your imagination. They provide a platform for a wide range of applications – including camera, audio, display and communications equipment. The design also takes into account ease of maintenance: the equipment can be reached through separate access panels.

The poles can be built with hot-dip galvanised steel or steel treated with a more environmentally friendly specialty coating. An impressive finish is then achieved with powder coating or plascoat, depending on the requirements of the application.

In addition to various standard lighting shafts, other lighting elements can also be added to the poles to create an atmospheric and impressive street scene. If necessary, lighting elements can be customised according to the application – for example with different patterns – taking the pole’s overall appearance to a whole new level.

Smart pole modules

Base module

Generally, there is a module equipped with two or more connection holes at the lowest section of the pole. Connection holes can also be made according to dimensions required by the customer and the pole’s connection needs.

For example, a charging station for electric vehicles can be integrated into the base module. The base modules are available in two different heights and can be installed either flush-mounted or flange-mounted onto the poles.

Device module

A variety of smart devices and sensors can be integrated into the pole’s 1-3 metre long modules. For example, camera, audio and communication equipment and even touchscreens can be installed in the module.

Extension module

Pole height can be varied as required using separate extension modules. They can be used as they are, without any added features, or they can be decorated with a custom punched hole pattern – which can also be illuminated to give the pole a more striking appearance.

Lighting module

The top module of the column is reserved for street lighting. The lighting module can be implemented with different shaft lengths according to lighting requirements at the site. In addition to standard shafts, poles can be equipped with various specialty shafts or lighting elements attached to the top of the pole.

Pole bases

Smart poles are mounted on compatible flush-mounted pole bases or flange-mounted onto bolted bases. Pole base choice is influenced by the height of the pole and soil conditions.

Learn more
about Modupole!

Ville Nieminen,