Sand sweeping and steel shot blasting

Sand sweeping is usually the first task during the pole treatment process. For hard-to-clean pieces, we use steel shot blasting. If the piece is particularly greasy, it’s also possible to use various degreasing chemicals to enhance the cleaning process.

Compressed blown sand effectively removes rust and dirt from the surface to be treated, in addition to roughening it, which allows the coating to adhere better to its surface. The power of the compressed air is adjusted according to the condition and material of the piece. Particularly when cleaning hot-dip galvanized parts, it is important that the cleaning process is gentle enough that the galvanized surface remains intact.

Phosphating before coating

As a part of the pre-treatment sand sweeping process, the poles can undergo phosphating, i.e., chemical roughening. This also removes any remaining grease and dirt from the pole. This method is used together with sand sweeping to ensure the best possible paint retention. This method ensures a corrosion resistance class of C5.

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