Special coatings

We offer a variety of special coating options for our product range. Learn more about our selection below and contact us for more information!

Anti-graffiti coatings

Anti-graffiti coatings are resistant to strong solvents without damaging the painted surface. Thanks to their durability, these coatings are used often in places where stains or graffiti may need to be removed.

Anti-poster coatings

Anti-poster treatment offers protection against various unwanted stickers and posters. The pole’s surface is treated with a clear, colorless polyurethane acrylate. The surface becomes rough and repellant to adhesive surfaces.

Extremely durable powder coatings

Super Durable powder coatings withstand weather changes, UV-radiation and heavy mechanical wear extremely well. These super-durable powder coatings are suitable for use at playgrounds in metropolitan and heavily trafficked areas, for example.

Plascoat coatings

Plascoat coatings are polymer blended paints. A very durable and flexible plastic surface is formed on the surface of the product to be painted, which also effectively insulates electricity. Plascoat coatings exhibit excellent wear resistance. Plascoat is a recommended option for poles installed outside schools and daycares.

Ecocoat coatings

Ecocoat is the best available coating for hot-dip galvanized poles when the highest level of corrosion protection is needed. Ecocoat has been shown to achieve the highest environmental stress class, C5. In addition, this painting method is environmentally friendly and contains no VOC-emissions.