Lighting the way since 1968

Sähkö-Jokinen is a leading developer and manufacturer of outdoor lighting products in Finland. The core of our operations lies in collision-safe lighting poles and their high-quality concrete bases. Our innovative product design and use of modern technology have made us a forerunner in our field. 

Our main office and production facility are located in Noormarkku, Satakunta.  

Safety as goal, family as value 

Sähkö-Jokinen Oy started its operations as a one-man installation company in 1968. With promising growth, the founder, electrical engineer Antti Jokinen, expanded the company operations to road light contract work. With his skills and experience, Antti Jokinen developed a lighting pole base with a unique mounting technology. Base production was started in Noormarkku in 1982. 

After expanding and growing the business for 20 years, Antti Jokinen handed the company over to his children. The development of collision-safe lighting poles begun in 1992. The first piece of the new innovation was produced at the company factory in 1994. Only a few years later, the company was exporting the product abroad. 

Today, Sähkö-Jokinen is known as a significant and reliable light mast and light pole supplier. Tens of thousands of KAPU® poles are lighting the roads and increasing safety all across Europe. 

Product development and production 

The safety of road-users and the new innovations are the driving force behind our operations. Our products are durable and easy to install. 

To ensure high quality, we manufacture all our products at our own production facility in Noormarkku, Satakunta. An automated production line and efficient production methods ensure consistency and accuracy. 

We have adopted the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. In addition, the KAPU® product family bears the CE marking which ensures that the quality requirements set for the products are met. 

New innovations 

Over the years, we have actively developed new production methods and products. Our lighting poles which give way or move out the way in case of collision have made us a market leader. The plastic, shaped cable entries of our pole bases are also the result of Sähkö-Jokinen’s own product development.