KAPU®-NE traffic sign pole

Non-energy-absorbing traffic sign pole compliant with EN 12767 and EN 12899

According to the instructions of the Finnish Transport Agency, impact-safe poles are to be used in traffic signs on roads with over 1,500 vehicles per day and a speed limit greater than 60 kph.

The KAPU®-NE traffic sign pole meets all the safety requirements set by the Finnish Transport Agency.

Our selection includes poles for both smaller traffic signs as well as large road signs.

EN 12767-compliant KAPU®-NE traffic sign poles are installed into a standard concrete base. Set screws are used to secure the pole to the base. KAPU®-NE traffic sign poles do not need to be protected with a barrier.

  • The maximum mass of the traffic sign pole is 300 kg.
  • The top diameter is determined by the pole height.
  • The OPTA template is also used to determine the sufficient DL3 value for the base.
  • The hot-dip galvanised conical steel pole.
  • Complies with standards:
    • EN 12767:2007
    • EN 12899
    • EN ISO 1461
  • CE-certified.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to the technical specifications.

Technical information

Traffic sign poles

Type Base diameter mm Top diameter mm Base type
KAPU-NE 157 157 85 SJ-2
KAPU-NE 181 181 96 SJ-4/1500
KAPU-NE 202 202 117 SJ-4/1500
KAPU-NE 218 218 133 SJ-5/1800
KAPU-NE 230 230 145 SJ-5/1800

We reserve the right to make technical changes.