Impact-safe poles save lives and money

Depending on the model, a KAPU® light pole either gives out when a vehicle hits it or bends in front of it and stops the vehicle safely. Until now over 1000 KAPU® poles have been hit without serious consequences.

Renewal of old traffic lighting with KAPU® poles saves in many ways. The maintenance costs of new lighting decrease more than 30% and the costs to society caused by collisions more than 80%. When measured in money, the investment pays itself back in four years. In addition to cost savings that can be counted directly, the KAPU poles have incalculable value in the prevention of traffic deaths and serious injuries.

Comments from those who have hit a KAPU® pole are telling:

I can never be able to express my thanks to the people who have developed these new systems and the council for using them which allowed me to walk away uninjured from this crash and I hope that my experience will encourage more of these lighting columns to be used to protect other people who may have a crash in the future – I just feel so lucky to be alive!


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The KAPU® safety pole has been awarded the CE marking

The certification and quality control company Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy has approved the use of the CE marking for the KAPU® light pole manufactured by Sähkö-Jokinen Oy.

The EC Certificate of Conformity verifies that all the properties and conditions for demonstrating conformity, included in Appendix ZA of the SFS  EN 40-5 standard, have been fulfilled and the product meets all the applicable requirements.

The CE marking is a European product approval method, enabling the free movement of products within the European area.

Investments in safety poles are worthwhile

Our bases are tailored for finished and durable installations.