KAPU — A genuine and traditional safety pole 

KAPU® is a Finnish safety pole designed to save lives and prevent serious injuries. With the help of KAPU®, we can build a safer Finland for all road users – one pole at a time.

KAPU®-HE – an energy-absorbent safety pole 

The unique design of the KAPU®-HE brings vehicles to a stop in a controlled manner by absorbing the energy generated in a collision. KAPU®-HE not only protects those in the vehicle, but also other road users. That’s why KAPU®-HE is particularly suited for placement at traffic lanes near heavy pedestrian traffic and at intersections, or where there is a risk of drifting towards trees or rocks. 

The conical KAPU®-HE pole complies with the highest requirements of the EN 12767 standard, HE, 100. Poles in this category can be used on all roads to increase traffic safety. 

KAPU®-HE poles of 8m and 10m comply with the requirements of the highest passenger safety category HE, 3. 

KAPU®-NE – Break-away vehicle safety pole 

KAPU®-NE poles give way to vehicles safely in the event of a collision. The Finnish Transport Agency’s recommendation is to use KAPU®-NE poles in places where there are no pedestrian paths, bicycle paths or trees behind the poles. 

The height of the EN 12767-compliant and CE-certified poles vary from 4 to 15 metres. The conical steel pole, also suitable for mounting on bridges, is hot-dip galvanised. KAPU-NE is in the standard category 100, NE, 2. 

KAPU®-HE and KAPU®-NE features 

  • All poles have a minimum lighting fixture diameter of Ø 60 mm. 
  • Hot-dip galvanised conical steel pole. 
  • Complies with the following standards:
    • EN 12767:2007 
    • EN 40-5 
    • EN ISO 1461 
  • CE-certified. 
  • We reserve the right to make changes to the technical specifications. 

KAPU® in brief: 

  • A proven safety pole 
  • Easy and installer-friendly 
  • Compatible with other pole bases 
  • The surest and oldest safety pole on the market – since 1994. 

To ensure high quality and excellent delivery reliability, all KAPU® safety poles and bases are manufactured in Noormarkku, Pori, on our automated production line at the Sähkö-Jokinen factory. 

An excellent pole base – the foundation of safety 

In addition to safety poles, we also design, manufacture and supply high quality, durable concrete pole bases for all of our poles. Our range of pole bases include adjustable screw-mounted, wedge-mounted, flange-mounted, bedrock-mounted, plate and wooden pole bases. 

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