For safer lighting

Sähkö-Jokinen’s mission is to improve safety for every person on the road. We’ve achieved this by creating first-class outdoor lighting products to meet the needs of our customers.

Our products are rooted in ground-breaking design and the latest technical solutions. At the same time, we’ve become a pioneer in our field.

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Poles for all roads

Sähkö-Jokinen’s poles illuminate roads and product travellers both domestically and abroad. Our easy-to-install safety poles save lives – that’s a fact.

Bases for every pole

High-quality poles need high-quality Sähkö-Jokinen pole bases for support. You’ll find a selection of durable pole base solutions for every pole design, for every need, and for every circumstance.

Charging products for electric vehicles

We provide and customise products for the rapidly developing electric vehicle charging infrastructure market. We offer poles, wall brackets, adapters, pole bases and protection barriers for charging units from a wide range of manufacturers.

SafeCity – for safe city centres

SafeCity is a concept that aims to improve traffic safety in urban areas by utilising KAPU® safety poles. We want to place more and more safety poles along the highways connected to city centres, where traffic volume is high and serious accidents occur with unfortunate regularity.

The cost-effectiveness of the concept is best illustrated when considering that the base remains intact when the column bends, so there’s no need to replace the pole base with costly construction equipment – just replacing the pole itself will do.

Thousands of collisions, zero serious injuries

The safety poles in our KAPU® range save lives and prevent series injuries. Over the years, our safety poles have been hit thousands of times without an injury. This is something we are immensely proud of.

Columns and vehicles can always be replaced, but each person is unique. That’s why getting you and your loved ones home safely is near to our hearts.

Check out our KAPU-HE impact test

In the video below, decorated racing driver Joni-Pekka Rajala demonstrates how the KAPU-HE safety pole protects the safety of the motorist and passengers in a collision.