2022 will be a year of development on many fronts

Sähkö-Jokinen has always listened closely to its customers and the end users of its products. This year we will continue to take your feedback and wishes into account as we invest in developing and adding new features to our products.

The technical implementation of the modular structure of our smart pole, 5GModupole, is currently in the design phase. In addition, the strong growth development of signposts is supported by a strong partner and designer cooperation. We are also in the process of updating the instructions for setting up and installing poles and bases with videos and animations.

Our range of electric vehicle charging products will become even more diverse this year.
Our range includes charging poles, adapters, protection barriers, brackets and pole bases.

Alongside our products, we are developing our services to further improve the speed of product availability. Unfortunately, however, this development may be affected by the challenges already experienced last year in terms of components, raw materials, and other factors of production.

As a socially responsible company, we’re also taking climate issues into account and developing all of our operations to reduce both our direct and indirect carbon emissions.