Introducing Sales Manager Eetu Majalahti

Eetu Majalahti

Sähkö-Jokinen’s sales team received further reinforcement when Eetu Majalahti started working as Sales Manager on 1.9.2022. Together with the rest of the sales team, he focuses on sales, customer consulting and aftermarket, and product development. 

Eetu’s work history includes 16 years in various positions at Posti and also two years of experience in sales work at Vesivek. Since Sähkö-Jokinen’s industry was new to him, getting to know the products and combining them to build functional solutions has brought its own challenges. However, Eetu feels that he has already gotten up to speed with his tasks. 

“I like that the work is suitably challenging, meaningful, and developing. I’m quick to learn and soon got to work. Common sense can get you quite far in this job as well,” Eetu says. 

According to him, an ability to understand the big picture is also helpful. And the will to do his own work well gives him motivation for continuous self-development. 

“In sales and development work, you always come across things where you must put yourself on the line and learn new things. It’s a continual learning process.” 

All in all, Eetu says that he enjoys his job and his workplace. He finds it rewarding to be able to help the company and its customers with their needs. 

“The atmosphere at Sähkö-Jokinen is really good. Things are well managed and we are proud of what we have and what is being achieved. The company is eager to develop new solutions and take the industry forward. The expertise of our partners is also at a high level, which has been great to see and makes the work meaningful. In addition, meetings with customers are good-natured.” 

Inside the Sales Manager lives a family-oriented nature lover 

Eetu’s home team includes a spouse, an energetic one-and-a-half-year-old girl and a 10-year-old “old lady” – the family dog. For him, the most important thing in life is family and friends. Immediately after them come work and hobbies, which include golf and hiking in nature. 

“The most memorable nature experience was a week-long hike in Lemmenjoki together with my spouse. The primitive wilderness hut provided shelter and the river flowing beside it provided fresh water to enjoy. The magnificent fell landscapes and canoeing routes of Lapland are truly enchanting.” 

In his working life, Eetu is expected to increase his role in Sähkö-Jokinen’s sales in the future, so that customer needs can be fulfilled with even better service. Personally, he wants to constantly learn more about the industry and also be an important part of the Sähkö-Jokinen family.