An energetic and hopeful 2023 ahead

Sähkö-Jokinen is heading into 2023 with hope, despite the challenging global situation. Last year, we achieved significant business growth – nearly 30% – and we are well-positioned for continued success in the coming year.

Having done a lot of work on quality, security of supply and in building a comprehensive inventory, we’re ready and stronger than ever for the coming lighting season.

A wide product range and focus on customer service

Our current range of standard products is extensive and covers almost all outdoor lighting needs. We have thousands of KAPU safety poles, standard poles and masts in stock – and, of course, concrete pole bases for all kinds of applications. Electric vehicle charging infrastructure products are also widely available, and their demand is accelerating rapidly.

For our part, we’re working to develop the sustainability of our raw materials to minimize the carbon footprint of our products. To support our business growth, we have increased staff numbers in sales and production and made new investments. Close, face-to-face collaboration with customers and designers is still important, and we want to invest even more in this.

With these capabilities and actions, we aim to further improve Sähkö-Jokinen’s customer service, accessibility, and ease of transactions. We will continue to be a safe, professional, and reliable partner.

Interesting projects and new products

The year ahead has many new and significant things in store. Sähkö-Jokinen has been selected as the supplier for the extension of the Tampere Tramway project, which is the largest single project in our company’s history. We are well-prepared to deliver a high-quality project and are sure to succeed together with our trusted partners.

In the summer, we will be a pole supplier at the Loviisa Housing Fair, where we’ll launch our new Decoral Hybrid poles. Their strengths lie in a small carbon footprint, eco-friendly materials, and a finished, stunning appearance.

The EU-funded 5G pole project, Response, has progressed to the point that pole deliveries and installations will take place in January on the test section of the Turku Student Village. These sensor-enhanced poles enable, for example, the testing of self-driving cars using a high-speed 5G network. The special strength of these poles is their modularity, which allows a longer lifespan than normal and to be adaptable to changing future requirements.

Launched already in October of 2020, the 5G pylon project has been a very interesting challenge for us, and we believe we have achieved a very successful result. The project will be monitored until 2025, and we’re following its development with great interest.


Have a happy and successful 2023!

Lasse Jokinen